JE Machine Tech P320 9/40/357 Lower Parts Kit for Sig Sauer

P320 9/40/357 Lower Parts Kit for Sig Sauer (TS-LPKSSP320)

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This complete lower parts kit includes all the upgraded pieces from Sigs' voluntary drop-safe recall.  This kit is completely compatible with any upgraded Sig P320 slide in 9/40/357.  This kit will not work with the .45 ACP Sig P320 or a .45 80% build as there are a few pieces that are different.

Includes the following pieces:

  • Lightweight Adverse Trigger
  • Sear Housing
  • Sear
  • Safety Lever
  • Trigger Bar
  • Takedown Safety Lever
  • Takedown Lever with O-Ring
  • Mechanical Disconnector
  • Trigger Bar Spring
  • Sear Spring X2
  • Takedown Safety Lever Spring
  • Sear Housing Pin
  • Trigger Bar Stop Pin
  • Sear Pin
  • Slide Catch Lever Pin
  • Safety Lever Pivot Pin

*The FCU is not included.


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