AR15 AR2 Rifle Buffer Tube Combo

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PS-BTA Combo2


We construct our A2 buffer tubes from 6061-T6 aluminum to ensure the longevity and survivability of our product. Each cut is meticulously made to ensure our A2 buffer tube meets Mil-Spec requirements. With its durable construction and adherence to Mil-Spec, the JE Machine Tech A2 buffer tube is the perfect choice for any restoration or retro-build ARs. Our A2 spacer screw are precisely engineered to ensure perfect alignment between your A2 buffer tube and rifle stock making installation a breeze. In line with the evolution of Eugene Stoner’s original design, the M16A2 Service Rifle was seen by many as the next generation of self-loading centerfire rifles. Arguably the most notable change was the vast improvement in felt recoil mainly due to the smaller cartridge (.223/5.56) and the innovative straight-through buffer system. JE Machine Tech pays homage to that proud lineage by offering our A2 rifle length buffer components. Whether equipped in a Retro Rifle build or a state-of-the-art PRS, our system will deliver reliable performance for years to come.

Combo Includes:

  • PS-BTA (A2 Buffer Tube)
  • PS-ABT3 (A2 Rifle Length Buffer Tube Spring Long)
  • TS-ABT2 (A2 Buffer Tube Screw)
  • TS-ABT5G (A2 Rifle Length Buffer)
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